Churches and Non-Profits are not immune to conflict.  People are passionate about the causes they believe in, but there are times when passion becomes counter-productive.  Unresolved or unhealthy conflict keeps organizations from being effective and mission-focused.  Excessive conflict negatively impacts the organization's reputation in the community.  


There are several reasons why churches and non-profits should consider using mediation when working through conflict:

  • Relationships can be preserved and strengthened.

  • It sets a positive example for its members and constituents.

  • Money and resources are preserved. Litigation is costly- both in terms of money and reputation.  

Dave has more than 30 years of experience helping congregations, denominations, and organizations work through conflict and find a way forward.  He has worked with congregations and organizations of all sizes.  His passion is to help them resolve their conflict in a way that reflects well on the organization and allows all parties to focus on their mission and purpose. 

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