Mediation is an effective alternative dispute resolution process in business. Mediation is usually much less expensive than hiring an attorney. Your mediator is a neutral third party who can help you reach an agreement that addresses the needs of all parties involved.

Workplace Conflict Resolution

Unresolved conflict can create an unhealthy, even toxic work environment. This results in high staff turnover, turf wars, and a lack of cooperation among employees; all of which directly impacts your company’s bottom line. Whether it’s conflict between employees and management,  at the Senior Management level, or interpersonal conflict between 2 or more team members, unhealthy conflict will keep your business from flourishing. 

Mediation has proven to be a very effective way of dealing with conflict in the workplace.  It creates safe way of addressing the issues that need to be addressed. It gives each team member a sense that their voice matters. It allows all parties affected to focus on positive outcomes rather than the problems.


Ultimately, mediation can help your business become even more profitable and effective.

"The third generation of our family business had different ideas about the future direction of the company.  Dave did a great job of coming in and helping us see each others' points of view and move forward as a team."


-Portland family business owner

Non-Profits and Boards

Unresolved conflict can have a negative impact on an organization’s effectiveness and keep it from achieving its mission and objectives.  It can divert precious resources and take up valuable time and energy.  


Mediation will not only address the issues that are causing the conflict, but it can pave the way for getting the organization back on track and focused on its mission.

Partnerships, Corporations and LLC

At the beginning of a joint business venture, everyone is getting along and is wearing their rose-colored glasses. You anticipate a long and profitable working arrangement, but then something happens. and conflict becomes the new normal.  Mediation can help you and your partners find a way forward, or help you develop an exit strategy that reflects the interests of everyone affected.

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